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Being a long time big fan of the Max Payne series this parody really hit home. Payne's monologue had me dying, it was so brilliantly written. Awesome job guys

Having been a long time fan of Fist of the North Star, this is one of the best things I've ever seen period, let alone the fact this is probably the best parody we will ever see of Fist. The professional grade animation and voice acting really propel this animation into the forefront of the best on Newgrounds and easily net it 5 stars.

Beautiful :)

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Very well made and entertaining game, great use of physics and a simple yet very addictive concept. There is a little bit of a learning curve, but I found that a welcome aspect. Great music btw! Overall Excellent - A

WELL DONE! Excellent unique and funny concept executed brilliantly. Combining an Elevator Action or Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle - eqsue basis and stage scheming with the unzipping mini-game grants us a truly unique experience. I love the retro feel of the game and the chiptune music and sound effects. I was also pleased by the fact that if you are on a higher floor, the girls voices will fade out as they run from the house. 100% entertaining and challenging at times.
I am quite impressed by the fact that these are randomly generated stages, which certainly adds to playability factor. However if you want this to truly garner some attention, you'll definitely need more variety and replay value, because as it stands now I can see the gameplay as getting repetitve after some time. Overall Well Done - B+

X-Tender responds:

Thanks a lot, I know that the Gameplay is pretty repetitively. I wanted to add more Gamplay related Features to distract the Girls for Example but the Time runed out for the Contest so I had to cut to finish it.

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Absolutely perfect song. Catchy, well balanced, excellent layering of sound, I am thoroughly impressed. And HAPPY! Man this song really has a positive effect haha
Overall GODLY - A+

Fantastic song, reminded me of Megadeth to a degree. The lead guitar has a wonderful creamy-blade of a tone, the instrument levels are all well balanced. You also demonstrated great command over your instrument. Thoroughly enjoyable, overall - A

DanJohansen responds:

Thanks for the in depth review man, appreciate it! Glad you dig it man :D

Man you really made an unsettling song here, I can see the emotional basis behind this. This would be a fantastic background track for a horror/dark suspense movie. Overall - A

LOOONG time Newgrounds lurker, finally decided to join and share. Love you all. I write music in FL Studio 10, export for upload @ 44000Hz/24bit. Most of my music pops in my head uncontrollably at random moments. Enjoy my brain junk!


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