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Being a long time big fan of the Max Payne series this parody really hit home. Payne's monologue had me dying, it was so brilliantly written. Awesome job guys

Having been a long time fan of Fist of the North Star, this is one of the best things I've ever seen period, let alone the fact this is probably the best parody we will ever see of Fist. The professional grade animation and voice acting really propel this animation into the forefront of the best on Newgrounds and easily net it 5 stars.

Beautiful :)

LET'S PUNCH 'EM... lol and poor Tails at the end
Well animated, entertaining lyrics and progression, and really funny throughout. I loved the voice acting for the characters as well as how you portrayed them and their personalities.
Overall - A

Excellent sprite animation, really true to the Sonic "feel". I like the mini suspense buildup when Sonic notices the traffic jam. I also like the variety of expressions and movements you incorporated for Sonic in this flash. I just wish it were longer haha Overall - A

This really is a unique and engaging story! I also like your mostly B&W minimalist style. Top notch voice work as well. Overall - A

Amazingly well done sprite animation that is complemented perfectly by Wolfgun's music. You've managed to bypass the limitations of sprites to convey both the emotional turbulence Lolo is experiencing and the powerful message of the story in a way that I rarely get to see in animations at all, let alone a sprite-based one. Also great use of perspective and scenery for immersion factor. Overall - A+

There's not too much to this animation, but great job with the mouth animation matching the vocals. Keep it up, you have talent. Overall OK - C-

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Thanks :D

Excellent animation, I love your style and *wow* what artistic vision you have! Especially that ending! Fluid motions and great use of perspective, and the PERFECT soundtrack choice. Impressive work! I would give it a full 5, but I feel you could easily up the ante in your next animation as there is still some room for improvement in art detail. Between this and Ayatori, now I'm definitely looking forward to more! Overall awesome - A

Really nicely done animation. Super smooth transitions and lots of variety to the patterns and shapes. I also like that the color changing background has its own pace. It has such a mesmerizing effect too, this would probably be even more amazing with a well chosen soundtrack. I really like this though. Overall Excellent - A

LOOONG time Newgrounds lurker, finally decided to join and share. Love you all. I write music in FL Studio 10, export for upload @ 44000Hz/24bit. Most of my music pops in my head uncontrollably at random moments. Enjoy my brain junk!


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